Cynvenio Announces New Data Describing Superior Utility of Sequenced DNA from LiquidBiopsy® Tumor Cells
 vs Cell Free DNA to be presented at the AACR 2014 Meeting

Head-to-head comparison of 62 matched patients shows cell free DNA produces 7X higher false positive rate and 50X variation in sensitivity, while CTC DNA provides actionable genomic mutations in 3X more cases.

SAN DIEGO, AACR Annual Meeting, April 5-9, 2014  – Cynvenio Biosystems, Inc., a molecular diagnostics company focused on transforming targeted cancer treatment, will present data that sequence analysis of DNA recovered from circulating tumor cells (CTCdna) outperforms cell free derived DNA (cfDNA) template from the same patient sample at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting on April 7 in San Diego, Calif. The performance differences were noted in the significantly better detection of clinically relevant mutations from Cynvenio’s CTCdna obtained by LiquidBiopsy.

While the molecular analysis of CTCdna or cell free DNA has the potential to provide data for evidence-based decision making by physicians seeking to monitor patient treatment and improve outcomes, in a comparative analysis of 62 normal and clinical samples the background signal (noise) in cell free DNA produced a 50X variation in test sensitivity and the cell free DNA template showed a 7X increase in false positive rates. More importantly, Cynvenio CTCdna template returned actionable mutations 3X more often.

In the past, DNA recovered from tissue biopsy material was the only source of molecular information for a patient’s tumor. Recovering biopsy material can be risky, is performed sparingly, and often results in a limited sampling of the cancer. CTCdna and cell free DNA are a known alternative source of tumor cell DNA, but until now, no technology has been able to directly compare these two versions of tumor template. Cynvenio completed the first head-to-head comparison of this type by applying its validated sequencing protocols to both forms of DNA from the same patient samples. 

“The CTCdna template frequently detects relevant and actionable mutations that cannot be seen in cell free DNA, providing critical data in informing cancer treatment decisions,” said Paul Dempsey, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer at Cynvenio. “While cell free DNA is easy to obtain,  CTCdna provides a more enriched sample of both DNA and RNA for clinical analysis, significantly reducing false positives and improving utility.”

In addition to conventional sequencing, recovering tumor cells from blood by LiquidBiopsy allows the analysis of alternative biomarkers such as RNA, protein expression targets, or fusion sequences extending the ability for longitudinal monitoring which is valuable in clinical decision making beyond just DNA-based mutations. 

Presentation Details:

Time and Date: Monday, April 7, 2014, 1 - 5 p.m.
Title: Molecular platforms for mutation analysis from whole blood derived clinical samples by nextgen sequencing.
Abstract Number:  2846
Poster Board Number: 27
Session: Predictive Biomarkers 2

Session Category: Clinical Research 7
Type: Poster Session
Location: Hall A-E, Poster Section 37
Presenters: William M Strauss, Chris Carter, Eric Klem, Jill Simmons, Juan Romero, Jessamine Winer-Jones, and Paul W. Dempsey, Cynvenio Biosystems Inc., Westlake Village, Calif.

About Cynvenio Biosystems, Inc.

Cynvenio is a cancer diagnostics company focused on transforming cancer treatment through the molecular analysis of tumor cells in the bloodstream. This expertise has resulted in two distinct product offerings: ClearID Breast Cancer molecular testing program and LiquidBiopsy®. ClearID Breast Cancer assesses 50 oncogenes for more than 4,500 genetic mutations using next-generation sequencing. This test and real-time molecular analysis provide actionable information that can inform treatment considerations and help improve outcomes. LiquidBiopsy is designed for industry and academic researchers to identify the presence of tumor-cell genetic mutations in whole blood. Founded in 2008, Cynvenio is headquartered in Westlake Village, Calif. (Los Angeles). For more information, visit

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