GEN Article: Blood Can Replace Tissue Biopsies


Cynvenio Biosystems’ Diagnostic Platform Analyzes cDNA, Captures Cancer’s Dynamism
Gail Dutton

Cynvenio Biosystems, with its LiquidBiopsy® rare cell isolation and genomic analysis platform, is at the forefront of cancer diagnostics. Rather than rely on tissue biopsies or counting circulating tumor cells in the blood, this technology extracts and sequences those cells’ DNA. That, in turn, makes possible real-time analysis of specific alterations within tumors that affect treatment decisions...

...LiquidBiopsy is on the path to mainstream usage, buoyed by the efficacy of molecular data in improving outcomes. “Now researchers are beginning to build adaptable clinical trials rather than look for subpopulations of patients,” Dr. Dempsey reports. As they become more numerous, they will enable “more complex clinical trials with multiple arms based on molecular readouts.” As those results accrue, they will provide added validation that molecular information is a reliable predictor of the outcome of targeted therapies. 

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