Genome Web: Mt. Sinai Studying CTCs, ctDNA in Context of Triple Negative Breast Cancer

April 1, 2016
Genome Web article by Monica Heger

This Genome web article highlights a trial by researchers at Mount Sinai to evaluate the genomic profiles of ctDNA and CTCs as well as phenotypic features of CTCs in patients with triple negative breast cancer to study the relationships between the two and how they correlate with disease.

The group plans to enroll 53 triple negative breast cancer patients who are being treated at Mt. Sinai and will analyze samples from patients at diagnosis, after treatment, and at six-month intervals for 18 months. They will use Cynvenio's LiquidBiopsy microfluidic system to isolate CTCs, ctDNA, and germline DNA and will analyze the genomic content using Thermo Fisher's AmpliSeq Hotspot and Oncomine panels on the Ion Torrent PGM and S5, respectively, as well as morphology and other phenotypic features of the CTCs.

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