An Automated Platform with Bespoke Consumables for Oncology R&D


The LiquidBiopsy Platform automates the isolation of rare cells from whole blood samples or any complex background

  • Turn-key solution enables NGS and PCR of rare populations of cancer cells from whole blood
  • Ability to detect mutations in as few as 1 target cell per mL/blood (1 cell per billion)
  • Enables concurrent sampling of DNA from circulating tumor cells and from cell-free DNA
  • Delivers ultra-high sample purity necessary for molecular analysis by NGS
  • Meets & exceeds <1% limit of detection critical to rare cell research and analysis
  • Walk away automation - staining and cell isolation in less than 3 hours

The automated LiquidBiopsy Platform performs flowcell priming, blood sample loading, target cell isolation, and immunofluorescence labeling (staining) of captured cells on a flow chip with the same form factor and utility as a standard pathology slide. 

The system includes standard assays as well as customized, user-defined SOPs and capture cocktails.

Achieving high target cell recovery and exceptional purity, the platform enables both enumeration and downstream molecular characterization of rare cells.  



High capture rate LiquidBiopsy™ Flow Chip

Proprietary LiquidBiopsy flow chip technology processes the reagents for the selection and immunomagnetic isolation of target cells. Its design helps ensure a high rate of capture of mutation-bearing cancer cells while avoiding impurity, or the unwanted binding of non-target cells to the surfaces of the separation device. The flow chip yields high sample purity necessary for molecular analysis by next- generation sequencing.

  • Whole-blood sample input: 2–7.5 mL
  • Throughput: 5 mL/hr
  • On-platform assay time: 1.5–3 hr 

The flow chips are included in the Platform Reagents & Consumables kits.  


A comprehensive family of consumables is available to process blood samples on the LiquidBiopsy platform, including reagents, buffers, stains, elution tubes, and flow cells.

The standard immunomagnetic capture kit includes EpCAM antibody for automated CTC capture using positive selection (epithelial cells).

EMT enrichment kits are available for applications requiring the isolation and analysis of tumor cells with both epithelial and mesenchymal properties.

The LiquidBiopsy system also supports  customer-specific antibody cocktails for blood samples containing tumor types with low levels of EpCAM expression.   



LiquidBiopsy kits are designed to simplify the collection of tumor cell and cell-free templates for transport to the lab.  The kit includes a custom stabilizer and easy-to-follow instructions for shipping the samples for up to 96 hours at ambient temperature. This 4-day window allows for a streamlined collection process and global transport of samples with no cold-chain requirements.    

Kits provide 4-day sample stability and allow&nbsp;unrefrigerated transport.

Kits provide 4-day sample stability and allow unrefrigerated transport.