Sample Collection Guidelines

Following guidelines for sample collection, handling and transport will ensure the best possible results.  

The LiquidBiopsy patient sample collection kit contains everything you need to collect, prepare and return samples to Cynvenio for processing and analysis. To order kits, please complete the online request form.  Kits will be mailed overnight to the collection site address.

Sample Collection

Store the LiquidBiopsy fixatives at room temperature before use. Always follow your institution’s phlebotomy procedure to verify patient identity before specimen collection.

Prepare Fixative

  1. Prepare a working fixative solution for 10mL of blood sample by adding the entire contents of Tube B into Tube A.
  2. Mix the solution GENTLY by inversion.
  3. Allow the solution to stand at room temperature for 15 minutes to activate. once activated, the solution must be used within 24 hours.

Collect Blood Sample

  1. Collect one 10mL EDTA tube of blood. Must be filled to the fill line.
  2. Invert the sample GENTLY by hand 8 times to mix.

Combine Blood with Fixative

  1. Once the fixative is activated, empty the entire contents of the 10mL collection tube (whole blood sample) into the Tube A working solution.
  2. Secure Tube A lid tightly. Do not add sealants or parafilm to threads.
  3. Label Tube A using a permanent marker (see “Sample Labeling Policy”)
  4. Invert Tube A GENTLY by hand 3 times to mix.
  5. Allow the specimen to sit undisturbed for 1 hour.

For best results, the blood should be fixed within 2 hours of harvest. Maintain the blood at ambient temperature until fixation.

Sample Labeling Policy

For correct processing and patient protection, it is crucial that specimens are labeled thoroughly and accurately. This includes ensuring information on the specimen sample (Tube A) and the Requisition Form match. Samples that arrive unlabeled will be returned to the client.

Specimens must always have two unique patient IDs (i.e. external patient ID, patient name, date of birth). These should be recorded carefully on both the Requisition Form and Tube A. 

Write the Subject ID, (second identifier), Date and Time of Harvest, and Lab/Clinic Info on the Tube A label using a permanent marker.

If a specimen is not fully labeled (a partial name, for example), clients will be notified and will be allowed to submit written clarification of the label if the partial label is legible.  If the specimen is labeled, but the accompanying Requisition Form cannot be matched to the specimen, either by omission or error, clients will be notified of the problem and will be allowed to submit corrected Test Requisition paperwork.

Submission Requirements

Complete the LiquidBiopsy Services Requisition Form for each patient, either by filling out the PDF form in Acrobat, or using a black or blue ballpoint pen. Please print and record all required patient information.

Packaging & Shipping Instructions

  1. Place Tube A into the biohazard bag, remove excess air, and seal the bag.
  2. Once you verify all fields of the requisition form are complete and match the specimen label, fold and place it in the outside pocket of the biohazard bag (this pocket does not seal).
  3. Place the sealed biohazard bag into the LiquidBiopsy box. This will protect the sample from light exposure and physical damage during transit.
  4. Close the LiquidBiopsy box and place in the pre-paid FedEx Clinical Pak. Seal the pack. 
  5. Fill out the “From” section of the pre-printed, pre-paid FedEx Billable Stamp and attach to the Clinical Pak. Keep the receipt portion for your records and shipment tracking.
  6. Call FedEx at 800-463-3339 for courier pick-up no later than 3PM Monday - Friday. Do not place the shipment in a drop box.